The Finding the Funny trailer directed by Catie Wilkins has been selected for the 2017 4th Coventry Film Festival.
"highly commended" and awarded 3rd at the SSFX QMUL Space Sound Effects Competition!  James and Nidhi went to the festival to collect the award and see the film, along with some other amazing short films on the big screen.
Amazing news - Brahmdeo Ramana won Best Actor at the Rob Knox Film Festival this week for Suburban Dracula. Congratulations Vanhel Singh!!!

Nidhi Gupta is a writer and producer in narrative, documentary and factual entertainment. Oh, and she is also a doctor.

Nidhi Gupta has an eclectic background. She started in medicine and has worked all over the world from London to Papua New Guinea. After hearing and seeing all the stories yet to be told, Nidhi Gupta has been working on a variety of projects.

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