1.1 First aired 1st February 2016

This week, we are join the UK's oldest African Film Festival, the Cambridge African Film Festival and talk to the founder of the Make Every Woman Count campaign.


2.1 First aired 19th May 2016

Series 2 of Celluloid Dreams return with a visit to the 2016 Cannes Film Festival; we talk to Charles Harris, writer, director, producer and now author. We also meet Eben Skilleter about his comedy short about Death. We also catch up with Hammer & Tong and find out about Cambridge's own Ruptured Screen's latest film, Scriptorium


1.2 First aired 8th February 2016

This week's films have a focus of mental health, with an unusual perspective with director Laura Henry-Baird and her film See Saw. We talk to Billie Vee about her lift based murder, Two Persons Max and finally talk to local filmmaker James Uren about Digging to the Future.


1.3 First aired 15th February 2016

This week's show goes to India, and we talk to Vignesh Vyas about his two non-masala shorts Imbatti and Swaraj. We visit Cambridge's own Ruptured Screen and talk to local filmmaker Kate Madison about her fantasy series, Ren.

2.2 First aired 26th May 2016

We talk to writer Laurence Gouldbourne; catch up on new filmmakersat the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and see how Ruptured Screen created a film in only 48 hours.


2.3 First aired 2nd June 2016

We join the red carpet at the Independent Filmmakers Ball; learn about St. Neots' first ever film festival as well as talk to local historian and filmmaker, Kelvin Reynolds about the Emma Rolfe Story.


1.4 First aired 22nd February 2016

This week's films Lawson Taylor talks about his Palestinian based film We Want to Live and we talk to local social enterprise Hammer & Tong and keeping with the Middle East theme, we talk to the director of A Third Way.


1.5 First aired 1st February 2016

We talk to Chris Jones about 50 Kisses, the world record breaking film. We also talk to local filmmaker Mark Hampton about Town vs Gown and finally focus on young filmmakers in Nigeria.

2.4 First aired 16th June 2016

We are at the Sheffield documentary film festival 2016, talking to Jared P Scott of Age of Consequences; Mohamed Jabaly about his powerful documentary Ambulance and finally we rejoin Hammer & Tong about their Reclaim Your Life event.


2.5 First aired 23rd June 2016

We talk to Katherine Logan about her comedy short, Space Detective and we look at more of the filmmakres featured in Sheffield and Cannes film festivals.


2.6 First aired 23rd June 2016

We are joined by the filmmakers of SEED: An Untold Story as well as Chomoun Issa and his film, A Perfect Soldier. Fnally, the West London collective MADE make an appearance.