Take 28 - accepted for the Walthamstow International Film Festival, London

Take 28 - accepted for Mediterranean Film Festival Winter programme, Siracusa, Italy.

Take 28 - accepted for the 300 Seconds Short Film Festival, Toronto, Canada

Short Film - 5 minutes

Genre: screwball comedy

Directed by James Uren

Written by Nidhi Gupta, based on an original idea by Ahmed Geddon


Goldy Notay (Sex & the City 2, It's A Wonderful Afterlife)

George Coyne

Helen Bolitho

And Angela Plater and Mike Simkins

Director of Photography Craig Lees

Make-up Virginia Popova

Sound Gareth Neal

A harassed B-movie film producer has to deal with an epic fallout between her no-nonsense director and preening male diva, main star. Can she save the film? Or will it all fall apart?